Fix issues with responsive ads

This article goes over how to troubleshoot issues with responsive ads. These ads are used in dynamic remarketing campaigns, as well as other types of campaigns that use a product feed to show personalized ads to potential customers.

Keep in mind

Google Ads is always testing new layouts to improve the performance of your ads, so you may see small variations in format. 

Review your feeds for errors 

When creating your responsive ads you could see this error: “The preview cannot display items from your feed”. 

Here's what to check to figure out what's going on:  

  • Make sure that billing is set up is correctly, and there is at least one billing order active. If the account doesn't have active billing, or if the billing order has expired, Google Ads can't generate a preview. 
  • Check the status of your products to make sure they're "Approved" and are active. This error message will also appear if you have fewer than 6 products with the "Approved" status.
  • Make sure that your feed was submitted with all required attributes and as many of the optional attributes as possible. Previews sometimes use templates that require specific information from the feed (like price or image). If this information isn't in your feed, this error could appear. 
  • Merchant Center only: All of your feed items might be using the same item_group_id. To provide a better ad experience for your customers and better performance for your ads, responsive ads don't repeat items with the same item_group_id. Check your feed to make sure your items use the correct Merchant Center feed specifications.

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