Identify low click share for desktop and mobile

Click share can help you determine whether your ads are prominent enough to attract clicks. This is very important on mobile, since top results on mobile Shopping ads can have much higher click through rates from users.

Low click share with a high impression share means your product is showing up but users may be clicking on competitor ads instead. This article explains how to see if your product groups have a low click share on desktop and mobile devices. Before you begin, learn more About click share.


To download a report that includes click share and the device type:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Product Groups.
  3. Click the columns icon Columns, and select Modify columns.
  4. Click Competitive metrics, and select Click share.
  5. Click Apply to add the column.
  6. Click the Download icon download icon.


  1. Click More options
  2. Under the "Segments" section, select Device to add more details about devices.
  3. Click Download to finish downloading the report.

View your report

  1. Open it in a spreadsheet editor, like Google Sheets.
  2. In the Device column, you can filter by Mobile phones to see mobile ad performance.
  3. Sort the Click share column to see the top performing product groups.

Monitor your click share

Since click share is updated once a day, check in often to see whether your ads are improving. Increasing your bid and the relevance of your ads (e.g., image quality, price, promotions) can help your ads get higher position and more clicks. 

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