Show local search ads on Google Maps

Advertising on Google Maps is a powerful way to attract nearby customers. If you run a local business, ads on Maps make it easy for people to get to your location.

This article explains how to show ads on Google Maps. Learn more About local search ads on Google Maps.


To enable Google Maps to show your search ads:

  • Enable location extensions for your Google Ads account. Learn more
  • Set up or update your Google My Business listing. If you don't have a listing yet, set up your Google My Business listing. If you already have a listing, make sure that your information is accurate. Learn more
  • Use location targeting and bid by location. Target a specific location and set bids by location, so that your bids increase for people located near your business. Learn more
  • Optimize your keywords. Use keywords in your campaigns that relate to your location and what people are searching for locally. Learn more

How to review your click history

To review how your search ads on Google Maps are doing, check your performance data. Search ads can generate three types of clicks:

  • Get location detail clicks: when people click to expand ads from the search results list
  • Get direction clicks: when people click to get directions to your business
  • Mobile clicks-to-call clicks: when people click to call your business

To review performance of each kind of click from your search ads on Google Maps:

  1. Open the Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads or Keywords.
  2. Click the Segment icon Segment, and then select Click type.
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