About call ads

Call ads are designed to encourage people to call your business, and can appear only on devices that make phone calls. When a potential customer clicks your ad, the ad places a call to you from their device.

Before you begin

Call ads can use the same phone numbers that you may already be using in your call extensions. To learn more about showing phone numbers in your ads, skip to About call extensions.

How it works

Call reporting – which is available only on the Search Network – uses Google forwarding numbers (GFNs) to measure the performance of your call extension or call ad. When you turn on call reporting, we’ll assign a Google forwarding phone number to your ad. That way, you’ll be able to see the details of your calls and count them as conversions.

How a call ad works

  1. Your ad wins an auction and is shown on the Search Network.
  2. Someone taps the ad.
  3. That person’s mobile phone dialler opens with the number set (either your own number or a GFN, depending on your settings).
  4. The person taps the call button to place the call.

Calls using a GFN should be counted as a phone call in your reporting. Calls where the duration meets the minimum requirement set in your account for a conversion will be reported as a conversion on the date that the ad was shown. For example, someone is shown your ad on 5 August and writes down the GFN, but doesn’t call until 10 August and has a two-minute call with your business. On 10 August, you'd have one phone call reported and a call conversion reported on 5 August because the call met your 30-second requirement.

When you create your ads, you'll be asked to enter the following information:

  • Two headlines (optional, but recommended)
  • Your business name
  • Your phone number
  • Two lines of description text
  • A display path (optional)
  • A final URL (optional, but recommended. If provided, will show a user-facing link to the web page)
  • A verification URL, which is the URL of a web page that includes your business phone number.

These fields are eligible to show when your ad appears on mobile devices, but some may be omitted to make the most of the smaller screen space on these devices.

Select extensions, including location extensions,structured snippet extensions and callout extensions, are also eligible to show with your ad. Extensions expand your ad with more information and can give your ad greater visibility and prominence on the search results page. Clicks on location extensions will send people to your location page. There's no cost to add them, and it is recommended that you add all extensions that are relevant to your business. Clicks on your ad (including your extension) will be charged as usual. To learn more about extensions, skip to About extensions.

Headline clicks on call ads initiate calls directly to your business and don't send customers to your website landing page. When you enter your verification URL, which can be the landing page URL for your business, that's only to verify your ad and phone number. It won't be directly displayed on your ad. To create ads that allow both clicks to call and clicks to your website, you can provide a final URL which will add a secondary link on your Call Ad that will take users to the landing page that you specify.

About the final URL

While Call ads focus on initiating calls directly to your business, you also have the option of providing a final URL, which will add a secondary user-facing link to your web page. 

When the 'Visit website' link will show

Adding a final URL won’t guarantee that it will show with your ad all the time. The 'Visit website' link will show with your ad when:

  • The 'Visit website' link is predicted to improve your performance.
  • Your ad’s position and Ad Rank is high enough for extensions to appear. To show the 'Visit website' link, Google Ads requires a minimum Ad Rank. 

Call ads are available only for campaigns on the Search Network.

Information Example ad Limit for most languages Limit for double-width* languages
Headline 1 (optional) Headline 1 30 characters 15 characters
Headline 2 (optional) Headline 2 30 characters 15 characters
Business Name Business name 25 characters 12 characters
Phone number Call: (0118) 123 45678 none none
Description line 1 Description line 1 90 characters 45 characters
Description line 2 (optional) Description line 2 90 characters 45 characters
Display path (2)


Note: The display path will populate with the domain used in either the final URL or the verification URL, depending what's provided in the creative.
15 characters 7 characters
Verification URL www.example.com/contact None None

* Double-width languages are languages that use double-width characters, like Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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