Test your landing page

Whether you use only a final URL to define your landing page or a final URL with a tracking template or custom parameters, it’s important to make sure your ad is leading your potential customers to the right part of your website.

This article explains how you can test your landing page to make sure it’s leading to the URL you want.

How it works

When you test your landing page, you’ll receive detailed test results and one of the following messages.

Message Campaign type What it means
Page found All A landing page was found.
Page not found All The landing page was not found (e.g., 404 error). Please check your tracking template, custom parameter(s), or final URL.
Final URL mis-match All The landing page and final URL don't share the same domain, the URLs in the redirect chain don't begin with your final URL,  or your redirects after your final URL don't stay on the same domain. Please check that your URL meets the requirements listed here.
No eligible ads found All There were no ads in the ad group that could be tested. The ads that can be tested are text ads, image ads, and ads from the Ad gallery. These ads must also use upgraded URLs.
Unreachable All The landing page couldn’t be reached (e.g., because it timed out). Please try again.
Unknown/Tool failure All There was an error while testing your landing page. Please try again.
Website domain empty Dynamic Search Ads The “Website domain” field (found in "Campaign settings") is empty.

Keep in mind

  • This test doesn’t check for Google Ads policies violations. Learn about our policies
  • This test doesn't support any form of URL redirects including JavaScript-based redirects.
  • This test doesn't catch all parallel tracking errors and you should consult with your click measurement provider for details.


You can test your landing page at any level of your account. 

Before you begin, you may have to add the “Tracking template” column to your table:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on the page menu at the level you wish to test your landing page.
  3. Click the Columns icon Columns then choose Modify columns.
  4. Expand the Attributes option and check “Tracking template.”
  5. Click Apply.
Test your landing page at the campaign level
  1. Click on the Settings page menu.
  2. Click on the tracking template of the campaign you wish to test.
  3. Click Test.
Test your landing page at the ad group level
  1. Click the Ad groups page menu.
  2. Click on the tracking template of the ad group you wish to test. 
  3. Click Test.
Test your landing page at the ad or extension level
  1. Click the Ads & extensions menu.
  2. Mouse over the ad that you want to test and click the pencil Edit icon.
  3. Click the arrow in the corner to expand the editing view.
  4. Click Ad URL options to see more options.
  5. Click Test.
Test your landing page at the keyword level
  1. Click the Keywords menu.
  2. Click on the tracking template of the keyword you wish to test.
  3. Click Test.


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