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A campaign allows you to promote your products or services on Google’s vast network of search results, websites, videos, mobile apps, maps, shopping listings and more.

You'll choose a campaign type based on your marketing goals, brand strategy and how much time you’re able to invest.


Each campaign type has its own set of targeting and ads. For example, a Search campaign lets you place text ads on search results, whereas a Video campaign lets you advertise video ads on YouTube.

This article explains how to create a new campaign, and provides links to complete the setup based on your campaign type.



If your account is in Smart Mode, learn how to set up a Smart campaign.

1. Create a new campaign and choose your goal

The first step is to create a new campaign and choose your goal. This goal will help you determine the best campaign type to reach your intended audience.


  1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
  2. In the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
  3. Click the plus button , then select New campaign.
  4. Select the goals for your campaign. If none of the goals fit what you’re looking for, select Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.

2. Select a campaign type

Your campaign type determines the places online where customers will see your ads.

Each campaign type has a different setup and set of best practices. Refer to the guides included at the end of these instructions to finish setting up your campaign.

  1. Select a campaign type. If you selected a goal, you’ll see the options for the best campaign types to achieve it.
  2. If your campaign type has subtypes, choose one.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. You’ll be taken to a new page to select your settings, set up ad groups and create your ads. Follow the guides below to complete these steps based on your campaign type:
    • Search: Text ads on search results
    • Display: Image ads on websites
    • Video: Video ads on YouTube
    • Shopping: Product listings on Google
    • Discovery: Advertise within online feeds
    • App: Promote your app on many channels
    • Local: Promote your locations on many channels
    • Smart: Simplify your campaigns


You may see messages that guide you to ensure certain settings aren’t preventing your ads from running. Try to fix any potential issues before publishing your campaign.

If you encounter an error message while creating a new campaign, fix those errors before you go any further as this may prevent you from publishing your campaign.

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