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When you sign in to Google Ads, you’ll start at the Overview page. This is where we'll show relevant insights about your advertising performance to help you make the most out of your advertising investment. The campaign Overview page will share the status of campaigns recently created and any action needed before the new campaigns start spending (applies only to Search and Video campaigns), or you may just need to wait longer. It will also have suggestions on ways to improve your campaign quality while you wait.

In this article, we’ll review how the Overview page works.

How it works

The Overview page shows a selection of cards featuring performance highlights and other useful insights curated for you by Google. Each card is designed to reveal an aspect of your account's performance at a glance. Over time, we'll continue adding more types of cards, so keep checking your Overview page to discover even more insights.


The cards featured on your Overview page are selected by Google based on your campaign settings and account performance. While you can't change the types of cards that appear, you can refine what each card shows. To learn more about the different cards on your Overview page, read About the Overview page.

How to change the date range

Click the date range in the upper right of the page. The date range will update for all of the cards at once. You can also compare two time ranges.

How to change the type of metrics shown

Click the arrow next to the metric name you'd like to change, and select your preferred metric.

For example, the "Day & hour" card shows your click data by default, but if impressions are more important to you, click the down arrow next to "Clicks" and change your choice to "Impressions."

Changing the metric on one card won't change the metrics used on other cards.

How to change the scope of the page

The cards on the page and their data change depending on what level of your account you're viewing. When you sign in to your account, your Overview page will show you account-level data. If you click into a campaign or ad group, you'll see data about those items instead.

There are two ways to get to the Overview page for a specific campaign or ad group:

  1. In the "Campaigns" card on the account-level Overview page, click the name of the campaign you'd like to see data for. Or, from the campaign-level Overview page, click the name of the ad group within the "Ad groups" card that you'd like to see data for.
  2. In the navigation panel on the left side, click Overview to see its Overview page.
Note: If you prefer to use the navigation panel on the left, click Change view in the top left of your Google Ads account.

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