About click share

Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that you have received, and is available only for Performance Max, Search, Shopping, and Hotel campaigns.

You can use the click share metric to understand where you have potential to capture even more clicks.

For example, if you received 60 clicks, and your click share is 60%, then it’s estimated that there were another 40 clicks that you could have received if you had more assets, higher bids, higher budgets or, in the case of Shopping campaigns, if you showed more products for search queries.

How it works

Similar to impression share, Google Ads analyzes the ad auctions over the course of the day and includes all auctions that your ad showed in, and the auctions where your ad competed but did not show.

In cases where there aren't enough clicks to estimate click share, you'll see "--" listed. In all other cases, a percentage share is shown.

Keep in mind

  • Click share includes all auctions where your ad showed or where your ad was competitive in the auction. For example, it could include auctions where your ad could show at twice its current bid.
  • Since click share is an estimate, small fluctuations over time don’t necessarily mean you need to make a change. Changes to your bids, the overall quality and relevance of your ads, or Google's ad systems may change the set of auctions in which the system estimates you were competitive.
  • Your eligible clicks can grow. Though you may see your clicks increasing, the total number of auctions where your ad is competitive (or users looking for your products) can also increase throughout the year. If total clicks available are growing faster than the clicks you receive, click share will go down. To increase your click share, you may need to increase your bids, improve the quality of your ads, or add more ad assets.

Data availability

You can view click share data only for Performance Max, Search, Shopping, and Hotel campaigns. Click share information is available at the following levels:

  • Performance Max campaigns
    • Campaign
  • Search campaigns
    • Campaign
    • Ad group
    • Keyword
  • Shopping campaigns
    • Product group
    • Campaign
    • Ad group
    • Item ID, brand, category, product type, custom label, channel, and all other shopping attributes
  • Hotel campaigns
    • Hotel group
    • Campaign
    • Ad group
    • Hotel ID, Advanced booking window, Length of stay, Price bucket, and all other Hotel attributes

Learn more about How frequently click share is updated.

Click share metrics for shopping come from Search Network traffic, not traffic from the Display Network or the Search Partners network.

How to increase your click share

  • Remember, you need to get impressions before you can get clicks. Everything you can do to increase impression share and absolute top impression share is also useful for increasing click share. Learn more about How to increase impression share.
  • Even if you have a high impression share, your click share may still be lower. Increasing your bid and the quality and relevance of your ads, and adding assets can help your ads get more clicks.
  • If you're managing Shopping ads, remember that multiple Shopping ads from the same advertiser can show at the same time. When you have multiple ads showing at the same time, you increase your chances of having any of your ads clicked. So, you can increase overall click share on Shopping ads by having more than one of your products show.

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