Manage a Shopping campaign with ad groups

Ad groups in your Shopping campaign can help you organize bidding and access certain features. Depending on your goals, you might need more than one ad group to create the structure you want. 

This article will cover how ad groups work and how to add them to your Shopping campaign.

How ad groups work in Shopping campaigns

The way you structure your ad groups should reflect the way you want to place bids and how you want to have your products grouped for campaign features like negative keywords, bid adjustments, and the search terms report. For example, you might want to create an ad group for each of your top brands. This allows you to set bid adjustments and negative keywords for each of your top brands separately. You'll also be able to pull a search term report for each ad group.

When you use multiple ad groups in one campaign

Ad groups in the same campaign will still share all other campaign settings, including the campaign name, merchant account, country of sale, inventory filter, and campaign priority. If a product is included in multiple ad groups in the same campaign, we'll only use the highest bid you set across the entire campaign. Learn how to Set up a Shopping campaign.

How to manage bidding inside an ad group

Once you've created an ad group, you'll place bids in that ad group using product groups, not keywords. A product group is a subset of your inventory that you define, and all the products inside it use the same bid. Learn more

For example, you can have a product group for all your products and bid the same amount for all of them. In the opposite way, you can also have smaller product groups organized by brand or product category. 

Before you begin

To set up an ad group, you first need to Set up a Shopping campaign

Instructions for your campaign's first ad group

When you Set up a Shopping campaign, you'll also create the campaign's first ad group. You can create additional ad groups using the instructions below.

Instructions for more ad groups

Here's how to create another ad group:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click Ad groups in the page menu to reach the ad groups page, and click the plus button .
  3. Click Select a campaign to choose where you'll create the new ad group. You can't change the campaign after the ad group has been created.
  4. Choose your ad group preferences:

    • Ad group name. Enter a name for the ad group. You'll use this name to find the ad group later. You can change the name after the ad group has been created.
    • Bid. Enter the bid for the ad group. Once you create the ad group, this bid will be applied to the first product group in the ad group: "All products." You can change this bid or use additional product groups to refine your bids after the ad group has been created.
  5. Click Create ad group.
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