Calculate and improve your return on investment

Monitor your progress

As stated above, conversion tracking can’t always track all the value of your ads. But it gives you a strong sense of your general return on investment.

Once you’ve got that basic number in mind, you can optimize your campaign. The best way to do so is to check in with your account weekly.

Keep any eye on the following metrics:

  • Conversions — See if your campaigns are generating results

  • Conversion rate — See how often, on average, a click leads to a conversion.

  • Cost-per-conversion — See how much, on average, each conversion costs.

  • Value / cost — If you set transaction-specific values in your account, you can see your ROI on a granular level.

To see your conversion data, you can add conversion-related columns to any of the statistics tables in your account. Learn how to customize your tables and charts.
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