About the Report Editor

The Report Editor is a tool that allows you to engage with your performance data through multi-dimensional tables and charts. With the ability to create these tables and charts directly within Google Ads, the Report Editor eliminates the need to download your data in order to thoroughly explore it. You can save your tables and charts to share with others, or incorporate them into your dashboards.

This article goes over the parts that make up the Report Editor and their purpose. After familiarizing yourself with this information, learn how to create customized reports with the Report Editor.

With the Report Editor, you can create reporting questions in natural language. For example, type “show me top campaigns by clicks,” and the Report Editor will create a report based on your query.


  • A simple drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly build and manipulate multi-dimensional tables and charts, reducing the need to download your data for deeper analysis.
  • Multi-segment analysis lets you slice and dice your data with finer granularity in your tables and charts.
  • Custom charts let you quickly visualize the patterns and trends in your data.
  • Advanced filtering and sorting allow you to filter on segmented metrics (e.g., mobile clicks) and sort by multiple columns.

Get to know the Report Editor

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Guide me: Visualize your data

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To use the Report Editor effectively, you should get to know its parts:

Tiles: These are dimensions and metrics that you drag on to the canvas to build your report. Metrics are quantitative measurements about your data, such as clicks, impressions, and conversions. Dimensions describe qualitative characteristics of your data, such as device, ad group, or location.


Sidebar: This area contains tiles and filters. Drag tiles onto the canvas to build reports. Use filters to refine the data in those reports. Click the tiles button view list icon to see dimensions and metrics. Click the filter button filter icon to see filtering options. To hide the sidebar completely, deselect both buttons.


Canvas: The large gray area is the canvas. This is where you’ll drag tiles to create reports.


Shelf: This is the area above the canvas. The shelf shows you which tiles have been added to your report. It’s only displayed when you’ve dragged a tile onto the canvas.


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