Mobile Advertising assessment study guide

Use an omnichannel strategy to increase total sales

Now that you’ve started to measure and understand how your online ads are driving offline value, you can make the most of your marketing investment. Use this additional info to optimize your campaigns for the best return to the business as a whole — both online and offline.

Optimise for total sales using Smart Bidding with store visits

If you’re eligible for store visits, use Smart Bidding in your Search and Shopping campaigns to automatically optimise for both online conversions and store visit conversions.

Smart Bidding with store visits automatically adjusts your bids based on each user’s unique combination of signals like the time of day, device, query, location and more—all in real time. Assessing and adjusting for these manually is time consuming and impossible to do effectively, even for highly skilled account managers.

Smart Bidding with store visits adapts automatically to shifting consumer behaviors to help you maximise total sales, whether they happen online or in-store.


Smart Bidding with store sales is available for limited eligible customers. If you’re measuring store sales and want to learn more, contact a Google account manager.

Learn more about Smart Bidding for store visits.

Success story

While digital is becoming increasingly important for IKEA, warehouses still account for the vast majority of total sales. In order to optimise for omnichannel sales, IKEA Belgium implemented Smart Bidding for store visits. The furniture retailer was able to attribute a 361% increase in revenue year over year coming from their Search and Shopping campaigns.

Promote in-store inventory with Local inventory ads

More and more, consumers are looking online to find out if the products they need are available nearby. They want to know what’s in stock and if they can pick it up in-store or curbside.

If you're a retailer, promoting your products that are available in local stores should also be part of your omnichannel strategy. That way, you can reach shoppers whether they ultimately purchase online or in your store.

Local inventory ads promote your in-store inventory to shoppers searching on Google. Let local shoppers know that your nearby store has the products they’re looking for and highlight what makes your shopping experience unique, like your available fulfillment options. For example, show customers which products they can pick up today, pick up later this week, or pick up curbside.

Learn how to set up local inventory ads.

Don’t have a local inventory feed? Independent retailers can use Pointy from Google to get their products online and run local inventory ads.

Success story

German retailer Tchibo wanted a solution to reach customers, whether they preferred to buy online or in-store. They implemented Pickup today for Local inventory ads to promote products that are available for immediate store pickup nearby. As a result, Local inventory ads drove 70% more store visits year over year.



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