Drive offline sales with online ads

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Optimize for total sales using Smart Bidding

  • Smart Bidding for store visits or store sales automatically adjusts your bids based on each user’s unique combination of signals like the time of day, device, query, location and more—all in real time.
    • Assessing and adjusting for these manually is time consuming and impossible to do effectively, even for highly skilled account managers.
  • Use conversion value rules for store visits and store sales to adjust the value of store conversions and have better control over Smart Bidding. This can be particularly useful during the holiday season.


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Multiply conversions with Performance Max

  • Depending on your goals, choose between Performance Max campaigns for store goals, or Performance Max campaigns for omnichannel goals.
  • Promote ​​your in-store products by applying your business data feed. You can highlight specific product promotions, new menu items, priority car models, new device launches and more.


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Promote in-store inventory with Local inventory ads

  • Highlight what makes your shopping experience unique, like your available fulfillment options.
  • If your goal is both local and online success, use Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and store visits to capture intent regardless of whether a customer shops online or offline.



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