Create text ads with customised text

Create text ads that automatically update with information that you want potential customers to know. Instead of creating multiple static text ads – where the only difference is a price or a keyword – you can create one ad with text that dynamically updates based on keywords, business data or even the time of day.

Dynamic text that you can add to your text ads: 

  • Countdowns: Counts down to a certain event, and updates your ads based on the current time. Find out more 
  • Ad customisers: Adds parameters that change automatically based on any attribute that you select: products, categories, prices and more. Bear in mind that you’ll only see “Ad customiser” as one of your options if you’ve added business data to your Google Ads account. Learn how to upload ad customiser data
  • Keywords: Makes your ad’s text more relevant by dynamically inserting the keywords that trigger your ad. Learn more
  • IF function: Inserts specific text if a condition is met for any of the following dimensions: device or audience. You can also insert default values if your text exceeds the character limit or when the condition has not been met. Find out more

Text ad with keyword insertion, countdown, and ad customiser


Let’s say that you have an online shop that sells sporting goods. You could create a text ad that includes the keywords people used to find your ad, a specific product you offer, its price and a countdown to a sale that you’re currently running.

Add dynamic text to your ads

To get started using dynamic text in your text ad, type a curly bracket ( { ) in any new or existing text ad. Select the type of dynamic text that you want from the drop-down menu. 


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