Third-Party Measurement Implementation Request

As of May 21, 2018, only a small group of vendors are certified for measurement on YouTube: comScore, DoubleVerify, IAS, MOAT, Nielsen, Kantar, Dynata, and Google (including Google Marketing Platform). For Video ads, Google Ads no longer accepts third-party ad tracking pixels that are not from one of these vendors, or that make unapproved fourth-party calls to other vendors.

All assets and mapping instructions must be submitted using the following templates:
As of August 19, 2019, Legacy responsive ads (DRA) will no longer support the creation or modification of third-party (3P) impression tracking pixels. Advertisers who wish to implement new pixels or modify existing pixels can migrate to responsive display ads (RDA) and then submit this form.
Please note that existing pixels for legacy responsive ads will continue to function normally but cannot be modified. As such, any requests submitted to modify existing pixels on DRA ads will be rejected.
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