About engagements reporting

With the “Engagements” columns in your statistics tables, you can measure how people interact with your Lightbox ads, video, video app promotion or Showcase Shopping ads.

Engagements occur when customers take the following actions on these ad types:

  • Lightbox ads: Expand the ad.

  • Video ads: Interact with an element that doesn’t take them to an external site, such as clicking a teaser or icon to expand a card.

  • Video app promotion ads: Watch 10 seconds of the video ad (or the entire video ad if it’s shorter than 10 seconds), or click on your video ad.

  • Showcase shopping ads: Expand the ad, and spend 10 seconds within the ad or clicks before 10 seconds have passed.

Engagement metrics

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Available engagement metrics include:

  • "Engagements": When someone expands your Lightbox ad, it's counted in this column.
  • "Engagement rate": Engagement rate helps you to measure how often people expand your ad after it’s shown to them. Engagement rate is the number of times that viewers expand your ad divided by the number of times that your ad is shown.
  • "Average CPE": This is the average amount you’ve been charged for an expansion of your ad.
  • “Clicks”: This column shows you the actual click-throughs to the landing page. If you segment your report by click type, then you'll see these clicks broken down in the "Click-throughs from engagements" row. The click-through rate is reported in the "CTR" column, and the average cost per click is reported in the "Avg. CPC" column.
  • "Free clicks" report: Lightbox ad clicks to a landing page, previously reported in the “Free clicks” report, are now reported in the “Clicks” column.

You may need to add some of these columns to see them in your statistics table. Learn more about how to add columns

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