About phone call conversion tracking

If phone calls are essential to your business, you can use conversion tracking to help you see how effectively your ad clicks lead to different kinds of phone calls.


  • See which keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns are best at driving the most valuable phone calls to your business.
  • Understand your return on investment (ROI) and make better informed decisions about your ad spend.
  • Use automated bid strategies (such as target CPA) that automatically optimise your campaigns according to your business goals.

Types of phone call conversions you can track

There are five ways to track phone call conversions:

  • Calls from ads: Track calls made directly from call-only ads or call and location assets used in your ads. You set a minimum call length, and every call that lasts at least that long is counted as a conversion.
  • Calls to a phone number on your website: Track calls made when someone clicks on your ad, then calls the forwarding number we display on your website. You set a minimum call length, and every call that lasts at least that long is counted as a conversion.
  • Clicks on a number on your mobile website: Tracks calls made when someone clicks on your ad, then clicks on a phone number, button or link on the mobile version of your website. In this case, we can only track these clicks, not the phone calls themselves.
  • Clicks on call ads and assets: Track clicks on call ads and assets without using a Google forwarding number. In this case, a click on call ad or asset counts as a conversion based on Google’s estimation of whether a meaningful phone call occurred after a person clicked your ad.
  • Import call conversions: Import call conversions that you track in another system into Google Ads. This method allows more control over which calls you count as conversions. For example, you can choose to track calls as conversions only when they include sales, and include the values of these sales. This gives you more information on which ads are driving the most valuable calls for your business. Importing call conversions requires tracking call details in another system, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) application, and importing this information into Google Ads. Learn more about importing call conversions

Tracking call conversions from ads and from a website and importing call conversions require Google forwarding numbers.

Google forwarding numbers are currently available in these countries.


How to set up phone call conversion tracking

Follow the instructions in the following articles depending on the kind of phone call conversions you want to measure:

Security and privacy for website tracking

Google's security standards are strict. Google Ads only collects data on pages where you have deployed the associated tags.

Ensure that you're providing users with clear and comprehensive information about the data that you collect on your websites, and getting consent for that collection where legally required.

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