About dynamic structured snippet extensions

Starting mid-March 2022, we're making updates to help you engage more potential customers and make ad extensions easier to manage.

Engage more people with automated extensions:

  • Dynamic structured snippet extensions may now show with manually created structured snippet extensions when predicted to improve performance.
  • Reporting for individual dynamic structured snippet extensions will now be available.
  • You will be able to control which structured snippet extensions (manually created or dynamic) are served by pausing or removing individual structured snippet extensions.

Learn more about these changes to extensions

Dynamic structured snippets are ad extensions that automatically show additional details about your site with your ads, helping people learn more about your business.

Before you begin

For background information, start by learning about extensions or, more specifically, about automated extensions.

How they work

When people search for information on Google, they may see ads and search results for similar or related web pages. To help people decide whether your site contains information they're interested in, your ads may now include additional information about the products and services offered on your site.

The information that appears for your ad's snippets reflects categories of content found on your site.


Here are benefits of dynamic structured snippets:

  • They help people find out more about your products and services without changing a thing: Additional information from our analysis of your site can appear with your ad automatically, with no additional effort or ad management on your part.
  • They may improve your return on investment: The additional website information that appears with your ads can increase your ads' relevance and clickthrough rate. This can help you improve your return on investment by focusing on attracting clicks from visitors who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

When they might show with your ads

Your ads may show dynamic structured snippets automatically when your ad is eligible and your landing page has a matching category for a search.

Dynamic structured snippets are eligible to show with your Search ads. If you want to opt out of this feature, you can remove extensions.


When someone uses Google to search for electronics, they might see an ad for the Acme Electronics with dynamic structured snippets. These snippets may display additional details about the content found on the landing page for the ad, like specific electronics brands or subcategories

How much dynamic structured snippets cost

There's no cost for showing dynamic structured snippets for your campaigns, but you'll be charged as usual for clicks on your ad.

Why your dynamic structured snippets aren't showing

Keep in mind that your ads won't always show these automated extensions. Also, when dynamic structured snippets appear, the information displayed and its length may vary. We consider several factors when determining whether automated extensions will appear with your ads, including whether other extensions are also eligible to appear with your ads. Dynamic structured snippets usually won't impact whether other extensions appear with your ad; however, if another extension showing with your ads performs better than your structured snippets, these will be more likely to appear with your ad instead.

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