About callout extensions

Promote unique offers to shoppers, like free shipping or 24-hour customer service with callout extensions. When customers see your ads, they get detailed information about your business, products and services. This article gives an overview of callout extensions. For instructions, jump to Use callout extensions.

How they show

When your callout extension appears with your ad on a computer or mobile device, 2 to 6 callouts show in addition to the text of your ad. Callouts will show in a variety of ways depending on device and other factors. While callout extensions on a computer are separated by dots and listed on a single line, callouts on mobile and tablet devices wrap in paragraph form. Ads with callout extensions can show at the top and bottom of Google search results.

Here's what an ad with callouts might look like on a computer:

ACME Electronics – Competitive pricing
Ad www.example.com
Shop at ACME Electronics for laptops, smartphones, video games and more.
Free delivery • 24-7 customer service • Price matching


  • Highlight or summarise your business offering: Promote popular or unique aspects of your business with a few words or a single phrase.
  • Flexibility and customisability: You can add callouts at the account, campaign or ad group levels, allowing you to include both generic or detailed information within your ads. Specify the dates, days of the week or times of day that your callouts are eligible to show.

How callouts work

You can add callouts at the account, campaign or ad group level. You choose where to add them, create the callout text and schedule when you’d like them to appear.The order of your callouts, their length and how they perform factor in to how many callouts appear, and whether a callout will show for your ad.

A good rule of thumb is to provide more general information that’s applicable to your entire business, (like '24/7 phone support') at the account and campaign levels, and provide more specific information (like 'free gift wrapping') at the ad group level. If you add callouts to an ad group that’s in a campaign that already has callouts, the ads in that ad group will use the ad group-level callouts (rather than the callouts that you’ve attached to the campaign).

There's no cost to add callout extensions, but you'll be charged as usual for clicks on your ad.

Best practices

Bear these tips in mind when creating or optimising callouts:

  • Be specific. Give customers detailed information so that they can decide if you have what they’re looking for. Try '34 MPG max mileage' instead of 'Great fuel economy'.
  • Add at the account level. Make sure that you have extension coverage across all of your ads by adding extensions at the account level. Create account-level callouts that apply to your entire business (like '24/7 phone support').
  • Customise at lower levels. If you'd like to highlight offerings or features that are only applicable to certain parts of your business (like 'free gift wrapping' or 'pick-up service'), set up more granular callouts at the campaign and ad-group levels. Bear in mind that lower-level extensions always trump higher-level extensions, so callouts that you’ve created at the account level won’t show if you add callouts at the campaign and/or ad group level.
  • Pick the right format. Unlike structured snippet extensions, which showcase a complete group of products or services that your business provides, callout extensions should highlight individual aspects of your business in a few words or a short phrase.
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