Invalid clicks: Definition

Clicks on ads that aren’t a result of genuine user interest, including intentionally fraudulent traffic and accidental or duplicate clicks.

Google relies on a multi-layered approach to protect advertisers from invalid traffic. Learn more About invalid traffic and Managing invalid traffic.

Here are a few examples of what Google might consider to be invalid clicks:

  • Manual clicks meant to increase your advertising costs or to increase profits for website owners hosting your ads
  • Clicks by automated clicking tools, robots, or other deceptive software
  • Accidental clicks that provide no value to the advertiser, such as the second click of a double-click

If you’re concerned about invalid clicks on your ads, you can address the issues yourself. Learn about Troubleshooting invalid clicks.

Note: In rare cases, a click may be deemed invalid and removed, but the conversion occurring from that click may not necessarily be. This can lead to conversions being higher than clicks in some rare instances.

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