What is ad scheduling?

Ad scheduling lets you control the days and times your Google Ads campaigns appear.

Your ads normally are available to run 24 hours each day. Ad scheduling allows you to set your campaigns to appear only during certain hours or days of each week. For example, you might set your ads to run only on Tuesdays, or from 3:00 until 6:00 pm daily. With ad scheduling, a campaign can run all day, every day, or as little as 15 minutes per week.

To determine when you want your ads to show, you may want to run an hourly report. This would show you what time during the day your ads received the most valuable traffic.

Ads are scheduled on the campaign level, from the 'Edit Campaign settings' page. The unique ad scheduling tool lets you use pull-down menus to set blocks of time you want your ad to run. A bulk edit feature allows you to edit all days, all weekdays, or all weekend days at once if you prefer.

Ad scheduling also includes an advanced setting which lets you adjust pricing for your ads during certain time periods. For example, if you find that your ads get the best results between 8:00 and 11:00 am, you can bid more for impressions or clicks during that period. Learn more about advanced mode.

Selecting a time period means your ads will be available at that time, but does not guarantee your ads will receive impressions or clicks. The usual Google Ads rules still apply, and your ads will compete for impressions with other ads as they normally do.

A note about reporting: Your ad will always stop serving impressions according to the schedule you set. However, because click reporting can be delayed, you may notice clicks being recorded for up to an hour after a scheduled period ends. These clicks are not errors, but are clicks that occurred during the scheduled period.

Ad scheduling can be used with all Google Ads campaigns. If you select the advanced setting, the bid multiplier will apply to both cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bids.

Ad scheduling will not raise or lower your budget. The Google Ads system will try to reach your average daily budget in whatever number of hours your ad runs each day. Learn more about ad scheduling and your Google Ads budget.

Setting up ad scheduling for a campaign requires two steps. First you enable ad scheduling for that campaign. Once ad scheduling is enabled, you choose the times when you want your ad to run. Learn how to enable and run ad scheduling.

Ad scheduling is available only with Google Ads Standard Edition accounts. If you have a Starter Edition account, you must graduate to Standard Edition before you can enable ad scheduling.

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