Reactivate an account suspended due to unpaid invoices

Your account is temporarily suspended because of unpaid invoices, as shown by the red banner across the top of your account. To get your ads running again, you'll need to reactivate your account by paying the invoices right away.

How to tell which invoices are overdue

If you've gotten an email from Google Collections that lists your unpaid invoices, please refer to it. Or, email us, making sure to give the name on your account and your customer ID number. You'll typically get a reply within two business days.

General Collections Alias:

Note: Only accounts on monthly invoicing should use this email address to contact the billing team.

How to pay your invoices

You can pay by wire transfer or check, but keep in mind that checks take much longer to process. You can’t pay an invoice with a credit card. The payment details you should use are given at the bottom of your invoice.

Get detailed instructions on how to pay your invoices

If your payment isn't showing in your account

If you paid the overdue invoices, but your account hasn’t been reactivated, contact us at the email address for your country given above. Include the following in your email:

  • Your Google Ads customer ID (CID)
  • A proof of payment
  • A list of amounts and invoices paid

Keep in mind that it could take a number of days for your payment to be received and processed.

If you have more than one account, you could have overdue invoices in more than one of those accounts. Be sure to check all of your accounts for outstanding invoices.

If no payment is received

If your payment is not received in full, Google may work with an external collections agency who might send you a combination of letters and emails that request payment on behalf of Google.

Proof of payment

Valid proof of payment is a confirmation of wire transfer or check payment that shows all of the information listed below.

For wire transfer

Send a bank confirmation showing information listed below. Screenshots from accounts payable systems, such as SAP, Oracle, or SAGE will only be considered a valid proof of payment if they contain all of these details.

  • Payee details (account number and name)
  • Payer's name
  • Payment effective date (future dates won’t be accepted)
  • Amount paid
  • Bank transaction or confirmation code
  • Payment Status (It must indicate the transaction has been already executed, any status not confirming completeness of payment won't be accepted)

For check payment

Send a copy of your check showing:
  • Payee details
  • Payer’s name
  • Payment date (future dates won’t be accepted)
  • Amount paid
  • Check number
  • Tracking number or FedEx number
Also send remittance advice, with invoice numbers and respective amounts, with your proof of payment. This is not mandatory to reactivate your account or prevent suspension, but it will help us match your payment against an invoice or credit memo in a timely manner.
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