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The Display planner is no longer available in the new Google Ads experience. Its features, however, have been incorporated throughout campaign creation and targeting in the new Google Ads experience. Integrating the benefits of the Display planner directly into the core functionality of the new Google Ads experience simplifies your processes by eliminating the need of a different tool to complete your tasks. Here are a few benefits of using the new Google Ads experience to accomplish the tasks you once used the Display planner for:

  • You get information right when you need it, there’s no need to switch between Google Ads and Display Planner.
  • You get better forecasts, since more ad formats and targeting options are supported.


This article only applies to the previous AdWords experience. Determine which AdWords experience you’re using.

Display Planner is a free Google Ads tool you can use to plan your Display Network ad campaigns. You’ll generate new ideas for ad groups and see real-time forecasts and projected inventory data based on your bids and budgets.

In this article, you’ll learn the features of Display Planner and what you need to get started.

Before you begin

If you’re unfamiliar with advertising on the Display Network, start by reading about where your ads can appear on the Display Network, and targeting settings on the Display Network.

For more in-depth best practices on refining your existing campaign targeting, read about using advanced Display Planner features



  • Ideas to help you get started. Get ideas for Display Network targeting methods such as affinity audiences, in-market audiences, placements, and others to help you plan your campaign.
  • Total available inventory and historical costs to guide your decisions. See forecasts for how ideas may perform based on past results. Historical costs point you to ideas within your budget and help you set bids for ideas you adopt.
  • Performance forecasts. See how bid and budget impact performance forecasts of your plan. Change bids and filters to adjust a detailed graph of your campaign’s potential performance.
  • A plan you can share. One-click download makes it easy to export your plan and share it with clients and colleagues.


How it works

You’ll need a few basic details to get started, like your customers’ interests or your landing page. Display Planner then generates targeting ideas along with total projected inventory data, historical costs, and performance forecasts for your resulting plan.

See forecasts

While you’re adding ideas to your plan, see real-time forecasts showing how your plan might perform based on a given bid and budget. Using your selected targeting and filters, you can see how that ad inventory could perform for your target audience.

You can also see an audience profile of your ideas: whether your reach is large or small; geared towards mostly males or females, or how your ideas are spread out across age groups and devices.


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