Display Planner: Definition


The Display planner is no longer available in the new Google Ads experience. Its features, however, have been incorporated throughout campaign creation and targeting in the new Google Ads experience. Integrating the benefits of the Display planner directly into the core functionality of the new Google Ads experience simplifies your processes by eliminating the need of a different tool to complete your tasks. Here are a few benefits of using the new Google Ads experience to accomplish the tasks you once used the Display planner for:

  • You get information right when you need it, there’s no need to switch between Google Ads and Display Planner.
  • You get better forecasts, since more ad formats and targeting options are supported.

A Google Ads tool that provides ideas and estimates to help you plan a Display Network campaign that you can add to your account or download.

  • Display Planner generates ideas for all the ways you can target the Display Network. Targeting ideas are based on your customers’ interests or your landing page. They include keywords, placements (websites, videos, mobile apps, mobile app categories), topics, interests (affinities, in-market segments), demographics (age, gender), and remarketing.
  • Each idea comes with impression estimates and historical costs. Think of these estimates and statistics as a guide to help you plan your Display Network campaign, rather than to project future performance.
  • You can find Display Planner under the Tools tab in your account.

How to use Display Planner

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