Target customers near an address with location extensions

How you benefit from targeting with location extensions

  • When you use location extensions to show your business location, phone number and a map marker with your ads, you can specify a radius around your business locations to show your ads to people located near your business and set different bids for these potential customers. This can be helpful if you find that people located within a certain distance from your business are likely to become customers.
  • You can also set up a different radius and location bid adjustment for your businesses within a certain location, like all your stores in Melbourne.
  • You can select your business locations more precisely and easily with location extension targeting – without targeting postcodes, or entire regions or cities.


Karla owns a chain of coffee shops, and she wants to draw in customers who are seeking caffeine near any of her locations. She targets a radius of three miles around her location extension addresses, so her ads can appear for people nearby when they search for “coffee shop” or other keywords in Karla’s ad campaign.

Karla opens a new coffee shop and adds it as a location extension in her existing campaign. Her campaign targets this new location as well.

Bid by location

Not only can you target your ads to reach people located around your business locations, you can also set different bids for this group of potential customers. You can use bid adjustments to increase your bids whenever someone located near your business searches for one of your keywords. This would allow you to bid more for these customers if you find that they’re especially valuable to your business, or less if you find that they’re less likely to convert.


Karla’s ad campaign targets the entire state of Victoria. She also added a target radius of 5 kilometres around her location extension addresses.

Her bids are set to $1 for all keywords, and she increases her bid by 50% searches from anyone within the 5-kilometre radius around her location extensions. When someone from that location searches for her keywords, Karla’s bid is increased to $1.50.


To get even more strategic when you bid by location, you have the option to reach customers within specific radiuses around your location extensions. This allows you to set different bid adjustments for each radius.

For example, let’s say that your keyword bids are set to $1. if you target a radius of 8 kilometres around your location extensions, you can increase your bid by 50% for that radius, with a resulting bid of $1.50. You could then target a smaller, separate radius of 5 kilometres around your location extensions and increase your bid by 75%, with a resulting bid of $1.75.

When your ad is eligible to appear for customers within a 5-kilometre radius, your bid is $1.75. When your ad is eligible to appear for customers between the 5-kilometre radius and 8-kilometre radius, your bid is $1.50. This can be useful if you want to assign higher or lower bids for customers at different distances from your business locations.

How to target areas around location extensions

Here's how to target a radius around your location extensions:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Click the name of the campaign that you'd like to edit.
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. Under "Locations", Edit link.
  6. Click Advanced search in the settings box that appears.
  7. At the top of the window, click Location groups.
  8. From the "Choose location group type" drop-down menu, select My Locations. Then. enter the radius that you'd like to target around each of your locations.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Click Done.
  11. Click Save to save your settings.
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