Fix automated rule issues

It's important to stay on top of addressing any error messages that you may receive. Here are a few common issues that you might see with your automated rules, and how to address them:

1. My rule ran but had errors

In rare cases, a rule may run, but with errors. You can view the errors in the Logs table by clicking on Automate > Manage rules. You'll see a "Completed, with errors" message – click on View details for more specific reasons.

2. My rule ran but didn't make any changes

There are several scenarios where the rules will run, but no changes will be made. It might be because of one of the following restrictions:

  • In Display Network ad groups, you can only change the bidding dimension that is customised for that campaign. For example, if you have an ad group that is targeting people based on placements, then you can only change bids related to placements for that ad group. In this example, if you create a rule that tries to change bids related to gender, age or another dimension, then the rule will run but no changes will be made.
  • You can’t change automatic placements, genders or ages in your Display Network campaigns. However, you can change manual placements.
  • Keywords and search-eligible remarketing lists for search ads are read-only for rules created within campaigns that target both the Search and Display networks. If you set up a rule this way, then you can monitor keywords and remarketing lists for search ads with rules, but you can’t change them. However, if you go to the Keywords tab, then you can create rules that can both monitor and modify keywords.

If a rule that you've created didn't make the changes that you expected it to and isn't the result of one of the above exceptions, then try previewing it again to see if it's set up as you intended. You may also wish to have a look at the examples in our 'Common ways of using rules' article to see suggestions for good ways to set up rules.

3. My rule shows a "Disabled user" message

Automated rules are created on behalf of the user that sets them up. When a user loses access to the Google Ads account, any rules that he or she has created won't run. To have the rule start running again, any current account user can open and re-save the rule, which will trigger the system to start running it again.

Stopping emails about automated rules emails

You can stop email updates about automated rules by either changing the email settings for a rule, pausing the rule or removing the rule. See the full instructions.

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