Filter your view of performance data

Filter your account statistics to search for the data that interests you most, such as keyword text, average cost per click (CPC) or impressions.

This article shows you how to create a custom filter and save it for easy access in the future.


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How to create and save a filter

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. To see data for a specific period, click the date range menu in the top right-hand corner of the page and select the time period you'd like to analyse.
  4. Click the Filter button above your statistics table on any of the tabs visible from the middle of the page (such as the Ad groups, Ads or Keywords tabs).
  5. Click Create filter.
  6. Choose the conditions for your filter in the panel that appears. Available options depend on which statistics table you're viewing. A few notes:
    • You can specify multiple restrictions within a single filter. Click Add another to add a restriction. To remove a restriction, click the "X" next to it.
    • To save the filter that you've created for later use, select the "Save filter" tick box. The filter will now be available as a drop-down menu on the Filter button.
  7. When you've finished creating your filter, click on Apply. The table automatically updates to show you the data that matches your filter. To return to an unfiltered view of your table, click Clear in the filter panel.
  8. Once your statistics table looks the way you want it to, you can download the data in a report. Just click the download button Download.

How filters can help you optimise your account

Filters can help you identify problem areas with keywords, ads or campaign settings that may require action or could be improved.

Here are a few suggested filters you can use to identify specific issues:

  • Keywords that need your attention
    • Low-performing keywords: CTR < X%
    • Keywords that don't appear on the first page on average: Avg position > 8
    • Keywords with potential problems: Status = Not triggering ads: critical issues
  • Ads that are not being shown
    • Disapproved ads: Approval Status = Disapproved.
  • Non-cost effective areas
    • Higher-cost and lower-performing keywords: Cost > $X; Conversion rate < X%


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