About call reporting

Call reporting—which runs on Google forwarding numbers—lets you measure the performance of your call extensions, location extensions, and call ads. You can track details like call duration, call start time, caller phone number for calls longer than 15 seconds (except in India and Japan), and whether the call was connected. You also can count phone calls of a specified duration as conversions and use automated bidding strategies to increase the likelihood of conversions.

All aspects of call reporting, including call extensions, location extensions, and call ads can be managed at a single account level.

How it works

Call reporting—which is only available on the Search Network—uses Google forwarding numbers to measure the performance of your call extension or call ad. When you turn on call reporting, we’ll assign a Google forwarding phone number to your ad. That way, you’ll be able to see the details of your calls, and count them as conversions. Manage call reporting for your campaigns

Here’s what happens when your ad runs with call reporting:

  1. A customer taps your ad to call you. You’re charged for a click—the same CPC as if the customer were clicking on an ad that goes to your website.
  2. The call goes to your business. Customers’ calls get routed through a Google forwarding number, which allows you to gather data about the call. So you can see who’s calling you, caller ID still works for calls routed through Google forwarding numbers (except in India).
  3. You can review data about all the calls from your ads and optimize your campaigns based on that information.


A travel agent notices that she’s gotten more calls since adding call extensions, and wants to better understand this phone traffic. She turns on call reporting. Reviewing the data, she sees calls lasting more than two minutes tend to lead to sales, so she chooses to count those calls as conversions. Later, she sees that her conversions are coming from callers in the 717 area code, so she decides to target her ads to the corresponding region.

About phone numbers

Whenever possible, Google forwarding numbers will share the same area code or prefix number as your business. Otherwise, a local number area code or prefix for your geographic region will be used instead. In some cases, a local Google forwarding number may not be available. When this happens, your ad will show a toll-free Google forwarding number instead. Google forwarding numbers are either toll-free, equivalent to a local number, or a local number.

Important: Since Google forwarding numbers associated with your call reporting are property of Google, they can change or be reassigned. For that reason, you can't use your Google forwarding number outside of call reporting and website call conversion tracking.

Call reporting and performance

Google forwarding numbers may not show with desktop ads if your ad group isn’t getting a minimum number of clicks in a 4-week period. Your business phone number will be shown in that case. (There’s no minimum requirement for ads on mobile.)

Google Ads shows call extensions only when you meet certain criteria. Learn more

Google forwarding numbers are currently available in the following countries:

Country Flag

Country Name

Toll-free number

Local number

Australia Australia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Belgium yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Brazil Brazil yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Canada Canada yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Columbia flag icon Colombia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed

Czech Republic

yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
* Denmark yes, confirmed  
France France yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Germany Germany yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
* Hungary yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
India** India yes, confirmed  
Ireland Ireland yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Israel flag icon Israel yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Italy yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
** Japan yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Mexico flag icon Mexico yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Poland flag Poland yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Romanian flag icon Romania yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Russia flag icon Russia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Slovakia flag icon Slovakia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
South Africa South Africa yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Spain flag icon Spain yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Sweden Sweden yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Switzerland flag icon Switzerland yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
United Kingdom* United Kingdom yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
United States United States yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
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