Measure Search Network keyword performance

Review your keywords' performance to see which ones are helping you meet your advertising goals for your campaigns that target the Google Search Network. To do so, you can view and download your keyword performance from a specific time period, or customize your Google Ads statistics table to track how your keywords are performing by match type. You can also run a keyword diagnosis to review your keyword Quality Score.

How to view and download your keyword performance

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account
  2. Click Keywords in the page menu to reach the keywords page, and click the 3-dot icon.
  3. Click the Download button A picture of the download icon for Google Ads and Merchant Center.
  4. Select from the listed options. 


Make sure your statistics table contains the date range, columns, filters, and segments you'd like to include in your report. Segments that you've applied to the data in the table show up in your report as columns. Learn how to create a customized view of your data. 

Due to the large amount of information that must be collected to create the reports, complete data for a given day is not available until 3 p.m. PT the following day. 

How to track your quality score

Quality Score is a measure of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a customer. Each keyword gets a Quality Score on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. 

Enable your Quality Score column:

  1. Click Keywords in the page menu. 
  2. Click the Columns icon above your statistics table. 
  3. Choose Modify columns
  4. Click Quality Score
  5. Select the quality score attributes you want to track.
  6. Click Apply

How to diagnose your keywords

  1. Click Campaigns in the page menu. 
  2. Click Keywords
  3. Hover over the speech bubble next to the status of your keyword to see whether your keyword is showing ads and its Quality Score.

How to diagnose your keywords in bulk

  1. Click on the name of the campaign or the campaign type in the navigation panel.
  2. Click on Keywords in the page menu.
  3. Click on Search keywords tab at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the three-dot icon 3 dot icon which is below the top chart.
  5. Select Diagnose keywords, which will make the Run now option appear. Click on Run now.
  6. In the dialogs that appear, select your diagnostic settings, and then click Run now:
  7. Wait a few minutes for the diagnostic to run and download.

    A message will appear at the bottom of the screen when the diagnostic has started. Another message will appear at the bottom of the screen when the diagnostic has finished.

  8. Once the diagnostic has finished, check your browser’s downloads folder for a copy of the report.

    You can also find the diagnosis report in Reports.


If your keyword isn't showing ads, we'll explain why and help you solve the problem. You''ll also see a breakdown of your Quality Score, which includes your keyword relevance, landing page experience, and landing page loading time. 


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