Refine your location targeting

Google Ads location targeting allows you to select geographic areas where your ads can appear, but it can also be used as an optimisation tool to help increase your return on investment (ROI).

Understanding your performance by location can help you allocate more of your online advertising efforts and budget in regions where your business is the most successful.

We've listed some handy tips below to help you refine your location targeting.

Note: Hotel Ads campaigns can be targeted and excluded by country or territory only.

View performance by location

You can use your geographic performance data to confirm that your ads are appearing in certain locations, as well as compare how your ads are performing in different locations. Use this information to pinpoint the areas that you'd like to focus on and take a look at the tips in this list to help you make your ads more effective in each area.


You have a campaign that targets the entire country of Japan, but you're located in a different country. By viewing your geographic performance data, you confirm that your ads are getting impressions in cities throughout Japan. Also, you find that your ads do better in Tokyo and Kyoto, so you decide to come up with a new advertising strategy that targets those areas.

Assign more or less of your budget to certain areas

If your campaign is performing better in certain areas, you may want to run separate campaigns targeted only to the more successful areas.This allows you to increase your keyword bids and budgets to maximise ad impressions in high-performing cities. Likewise, consider creating a separate campaign that targets areas outside of your top-performing cities. You may want to use the same keywords as your other campaigns, but set lower keyword bids.


You've been targeting the entire Australia in your snorkelling equipment ad campaign, but you sell most of your snorkelling equipment to customers in Tasmania. You create a separate campaign targeting only Hawaii so you can easily see how your campaign performs in that state, and then adjust your budget accordingly.

Write ad text that stands out in certain geographic areas

Highlight unique selling points of your business, such as certain products or services that are more likely to interest customers in those areas. You can also offer promotions available only to certain areas.


You find that your online clothing store sells the most red mittens to people in the state of Tasmania. To attract customers in Tasmania, you create an ad targeted to Tasmania customers that promotes your red mittens.

Use location-specific landing pages

If you have different landing pages on your website for each region that you serve, send customers to the landing page most relevant to their geographic areas. That way, they don't have to spend time searching for the information that's relevant to them.


You're an estate agent and your website has listings for apartments for sale throughout New South Wales. If a customer is searching for apartments in Sydney, you'll want to send them to your landing page with Sydney apartments, rather than Canberra apartments.

Use location extensions to highlight your business address

If it's important for your customers to know where your business is located, it can be helpful to add location extensions to your ads. Location extensions merge your business address and phone number seamlessly with your ad text.

If all of the businesses in your location extensions are in Australia, you can target a radius around your location extensions to show ads to people located near your business. With bid multipliers, you can also set different bids for these areas.


Let's say that you own a bicycle repair shop in central Sydney. With location extensions, a customer near your shop who searches for bicycle repair shops can see your ad, along with your full address and phone number, and head your way with his flat tire.

Exclude regions that don't perform well

If you're consistently getting clicks with a low conversion rate from certain regions, or clicks from regions where you don't want your ads to show, consider excluding these regions from your targeting.


If you've been targeting all of Australia, but you find that clicks from Victoria aren't converting well for your business, you can exclude Victoria to avoid showing your ads in that state.

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