Enhanced CPC (ECPC): Definition

A bid strategy that adjusts your cost-per-click (CPC) to help maximize conversions. ECPC combines manual bidding with a Smart Bidding strategy, like Target CPA or Target ROAS. This strategy raises your manual bids in situations that seem more likely to lead to a sale or other conversion on your website, and lowers your bid for situations that seem less likely to lead to a conversion.

  • ECPC raises your bid each time your ad is eligible to appear, based on how likely that click is to lead to a conversion. This bid strategy will also lower your bid for clicks that are less likely to lead to a conversion.
  • ECPC can help you get more conversions while maintaining or reducing your cost per conversion.
  • ECPC can be tested along with third-party bidding systems to give you a limited degree of Smart Bidding.
  • ECPC works slightly differently for Shopping campaigns. Learn how to Set up ECPC for Shopping campaigns.
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