About seller ratings extensions

Seller ratings are an automated extension type that showcases advertisers with high ratings. Google gathers seller ratings from reputable sources that aggregate business reviews. Showing below text ads, seller ratings help people searching on Google to find businesses that offer quality service. Seller ratings can help advertisers improve ad performance and earn more qualified leads.

Before you begin

Seller ratings also show on Google Shopping in the format "XX% positive". For more details, see Seller ratings on Google Shopping. Note that you don't need to be a Shopping advertiser or to have a Google Merchant Center account for your ads to be eligible for seller ratings extensions on the Search Network.

What they look like

Seller ratings show numbers on a scale of 1-5 alongside 5 stars. 

How they work

Seller ratings show as an automated extension in Google Ads Search ads. These ratings primarily reflect customers' overall consumer experience with your business. We may not show seller ratings when the underlying feedback is unrelated to what's being advertised in a specific ad.

You' re not charged for seller ratings. When people click on your ads with extensions, you'll be charged as usual for clicks on your ad. If you don' t want seller ratings to show with your ads, follow the steps in Remove extensions.

When they show

In most cases, seller ratings only show when a business has 150 unique reviews and a composite rating of 3.5 stars or higher.

Seller ratings show with Search Network campaigns.

What information is displayed

The rating consists of your rating, the number of reviews (if applicable) that generated the rating, as well as a qualifier which describes some property of your business that highlights why you got the rating. Google automatically decides whether to display the qualifiers or not. 

All of this information about your business is displayed on the seller ratings landing page. See below on how to access. 

How to check if you have a seller rating

For most advertisers, you can check if you have a seller rating by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the following URL: https://www.google.com/shopping/seller?q=example.com.
  2. Replace "example.com" with your domain (please do not add prefix "www." to this domain).

Note: For certain domains with a custom configuration, the above URL may not work. Also, having a seller rating associated with your domain does not necessarily mean your seller rating will show on ads as seller ratings on ads depend on auction dynamics and other factors. 

Where ratings come from

Google doesn't modify existing ratings. To provide consistent ratings, we calibrate ratings on a 1–5 scale and filter out what we consider to be untrustworthy or otherwise questionable. Google bases seller ratings on a number of sources, including:

  • Google Customer Reviews, a free programme that collects post-purchase comments on behalf of advertisers.
  • StellaService, an independent company that analyses the quality of your customer service through the measurement of your customer care, delivery and returns. Some of the qualifiers may be sourced through this independent analysis. 
  • Aggregated performance metrics from Google-led shopping research. Some of the qualifiers may be sourced through this shopping research. 
  • Ratings from Google Consumer Surveys, a market research platform which we use to collect data for certain domains and businesses.
  • Shopping reviews for your store domain, which include comments from the various independent sources listed below.

We also source feedback from the following independent review websites:

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