The Dimensions tab: what is it?

The Dimensions tab lets you view and segment your performance by the dimension of your choice across an ad group, a campaign, or your entire account.


You can use Dimensions to view statistics that cut across Google Ads tabs. For example, you can view total stats by month, hour, or geographic region -- as well as other dimensions for your ad groups and campaigns -- in a single report.


After clicking the Dimensions tab in your Google Ads account, use the "View" menu in the toolbar to choose how you'd like to break down your data. Add or remove columns to further customize your statistics table. To download the table as a report, click download button in the toolbar.


Segments vs. Dimensions

Here’s an example to illustrate the difference between using segments and the Dimensions tab to view a particular set of performance metrics.


Say you’d like to view “Day of the week” data for all of your campaigns.


  • Segments
  • On the Campaigns tab, the “Day of the week” segment will split your stats into individual rows for each day. Your data will be displayed in this format:


    Campaign 1
    Mon. [stats]
    Tues. [stats]
    Wed. [stats]
    Thurs. [stats]
    Fri. [stats]
    Sat. [stats]
    Sun. [stats]


    Campaign 2
    Mon. [stats]
    Tues. [stats]


  • Dimensions
  • On the Dimensions tab, choose the “Day of the week” segment to view performance across your entire account instead of splitting it up by campaign. Your data will be displayed like this:


    Mon. [stats]
    Tues. [stats]
    Wed. [stats]


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