Google Ads questions, complaints, and feedback

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback -- we want to better meet your needs, and your input helps us do so.

Questions about your Google Ads Account

If you are a Google Ads advertiser and have a question about your Google Ads account, please see how to contact us.

Suggestions for Google Ads

If you'd like to provide ideas on how to improve Google Ads, please use the Google Ads feedback form.


Select a complaint category below and follow the instructions. Please note that we will read and consider your complaint even if we don't respond.

Ads on Google

Use this for: Online ads you see on Google that you believe might violate our advertising policies.

Best way to reach us: Fill out our ad feedback form. On the form, please be sure to include the link ID. You can find this by right clicking on the ad and copying ad link. This information is necessary for our Google Ads specialists to find the right ad.

What we'll do: Look into your comments and, if appropriate, take action on the ad.

While Google isn’t responsible for or able to monitor the actions of each company, we value customer service and expect our advertisers to do so too.

If you have a complaint about an advertiser's product or service, you should contact the advertiser or the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs division in the city where the company is located. These organizations are able to investigate your case and act on your behalf, providing an effective way to address cases of consumer complaints.

If you haven't had first-hand experience with an advertiser but would like to report bad behavior of an advertiser, you can fill out our complaint form.

Google Ads products

Use this for: If your account performance was impacted by one of the following reasons:

  • An existing Google Ads feature did not work as expected and intended
  • An existing Google Ads billing feature did not work as expected and intended
  • An existing Analytics feature did not work as expected and intended

Best way to reach us: Fill out our complaint form.

What we'll do: We'll look at your account and pass on feedback to the Google Ads team so they can work to improve the product.

Google Ads customer service

Use this for: Service-related complaints dealing with one or more of these topics:

  • Difficulty reaching customer service
  • Timeliness of responses
  • Misleading or irrelevant answers
  • Inappropriate service interactions
  • How your overall issue was handled

Best way to reach us: Fill out our complaint form and attach any relevant documents.

What we'll do: We'll use your comments to help evaluate and improve our services so we can better meet your needs.

Trademark issues

Use this for: Any violations of Google Ads and AdSense trademark policy.

Best way to reach us: Fill out our trademark violation form.

What we'll do: We'll look into your complaint and, if we find the advertiser is in violation of trademark policies, take action on the ad.

Third-party partners

Use this for: If a third-party is managing your Google Ads account and is in violation of our third-party policies.

Best way to reach us: Fill out our partner complaint form.

What we'll do: We'll work with the partner to ensure they do not violate our policies. Accountability is a core principle of Google Ads, and focusing on what's best for the advertiser is ultimately the best long-term course for third-parties working with Google Ads.

Note: The substance of the complaint may be shared with the third-party partner. However, your name and contact information will remain anonymous unless we get your explicit permission to share them with the third-party partner.

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