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Now you can search across all of your My Client Center accounts at once to pinpoint specific instances of a term or phrase. Rather than guessing which campaign or set of keywords you need to check, you can now quickly search and navigate to specific campaigns, keywords, ads, or other areas of your accounts directly.

How it works

When you enter a search term, we search across all parts of your account and all the accounts beneath it. We display results that include your search terms anywhere they appear within these accounts -- in campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, or placements.

For example, let's say you want to find all Valentine's campaigns, so that you can quickly pause them. Just enter the search term "valentine," and we'll show you results that include:

  • valentine's
  • Valentine
  • Valentine's Day
  • my valentine
  • valentine's gifts for her

Narrow your search to "Valentine's campaign," and we'll show you only results that include both "valentine" and "campaign":

  • valentine's campaign
  • Valentine's Day campaign
  • Campaign on valentine's
  • valentine-related campaign

In other words, we show you all results that include your specific terms, regardless of capitalization or the order of your terms.

A few important notes

At this time, we only support whole-word matches. So, for instance, a search for "valentine" will return "valentine restaurants" but not "valentines."

To search for an exact phrase, you'll need to put your entire search phrase in quotation marks. For instance, in the example above, if you wanted to find "Valentine's Day campaign" -- in that particular word-order -- you'd need to enter that exact phrase in quotation marks.

Other things to keep in mind

Here are some additional things you'll want to keep in mind as you use this new feature:

  • You'll get a maximum of 100 results per search per tab (if there are more than 100 results, the tab will display "(100+)").
  • If there are no search results under a particular tab, you'll still see the tab, with a "(0)" displayed.
  • Under the Account, Campaign, and Ad Group tabs, we'll return enabled, paused, and deleted entries; for Ads, Keywords, and Placements, we only return entries that are enabled or paused.
  • Negative keywords are displayed without a status and have a "-" next to them.
  • The Ad Type column includes text, image, mobile, and video.
  • Sorting isn't available in the current version of the feature, but we're working to make it available in the future.
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