About account settings

The Account settings option, found in the gear menu, links to five pages where you can control who can access your account, analyse site-level user data, change your alerts and notifications, change your AdWords account preferences and view changes made in the account.

Pages linked from the Account settings menu

There are five tabs linked from the Account settings navigation menu:

  • Account access
    View and control who has access to your account as well as what level of access each person has.
  • Linked accounts
    Import site engagement metrics by selecting Google Analytics and entering your Google Analytics account information. Or see how your ads and organic search listings perform by importing organic search results from Webmaster Tools.
  • Notification settings
    View and change the email address that you use for notifications, and the types of notifications and alerts that you receive.
  • Preferences
    View and change your display language, your number format and whether you've enabled auto-tagging. In addition, you can view the email address for your account, your account time zone and the Google Advertising Programme Terms.
  • Change history
    View changes that you've made to your account over the past two years. See details about changes such as when you paused your campaign, who added a keyword and the amounts of your previous budgets.
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