The Google Network

The concept

Your customers tend to do a lot online -- they search, they shop, they read the news and browse interesting websites. So we think you should be able to reach your customers no matter what they're doing on the web. Our answer: the Google Network, our name for the places where your ad can appear, including Google sites, web pages that partner with us, and other placements like mobile phone apps. It's as if you're presenting your message to a stadium full of fans -- Google collects a crowd of interested people and brings them to the stadium, then you start the show.

This bundle of sites we call the Google Network is divided into groups to give you more control over where you'd like your ad to appear:

Search Network: Display Network:
  • Google Search, the Shopping tab, Google Maps, and Google Groups
  • Search sites that partner with Google

About the Search Network

Google sites (like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail) and thousands of partnering websites across the Internet

About the Display Network

Why it matters

The Google Network can connect you with customers at the exact moment when they're doing an activity online that relates to what you offer -- like searching for your product or reading a blog about your industry. Because your ads can be shown in relevant places, you have a better chance of turning viewers into customers.

By understanding what our network is and how you can control your network settings, you can take advantage of this world of interested customers.

How it's used

For each of your ad campaigns, you'll choose network settings that tell Google where you'd like your ad to show. You can choose Google Search and the Google Shopping tab, or the entire Search Network (including other Google search sites like Maps and search sites that partner with Google), just the Display Network, or all networks.

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