About Google Ads API (AdWords API) Versioning

The Google Ads API (AdWords API) is frequently updated, with the goal of feature parity with the online Google Ads interface. We assign it a new version number each time it's updated. To allow developers time to migrate to new versions, old releases and documentation remain available and updated for four months after a new release.

When new versions eliminate or alter functionality available in previous (still available) releases, the Release Notes and Reference sections of the Developer's Guide will annotate these changes:

  • The Reference section features version-based documentation, accessible through version-numbered links in the upper right corner of each page. To view differences between versions, click the "DIFF" link on the same navigation bar. Elements that have been removed from the earlier version will be shown with a strikethrough.
  • Read the Release Notes for updates on features and functions. A blog post will also explain updates to newly released versions.
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