Introducing Cross Media Reach

June 24, 2024

Advertisers can now use Cross-Media Reach Measurement, a measurement tool in Google Ads, that helps measure deduplicated, on-target reach and frequency across video campaigns.

Cross-Media Reach helps advertisers to see the reach efficiency of Video Reach and Video View Campaigns on YouTube compared to TV, and across both channels to give a full view of their brand campaigns. 

Screenshot of Cross Media Reach in Google Ads

Various factors such as campaign types, targeting, creative, format, CPM/CPV settings, etc. may lead to many campaigns running at the same time. Cross-Media Reach aggregates and deduplicates reach and frequency across those campaigns to show the total on-target reach for specific demographics, giving advertisers the insights they need to inform video campaign planning and optimize advertising investments.

Unique reach measures the total number of people who were shown an ad. This metric helps you understand how many people saw your ad across different devices, formats, sites, apps, and networks. The result is the number of unique users who saw an ad. By measuring the incremental reach and efficiency of YouTube campaigns, it helps advertisers understand the performance of their campaign by looking at various data points such as reach and frequency for a target audience and efficiency compared to linear TV.   

Advertisers can use Cross-Media Reach to generate the following reports for their Video Reach and Video View Campaigns on YouTube: 

Digital Video Only  - available in all countries
Measures reach & frequency metrics for video campaigns contained in Google Ads

Digital Video Only + Traditional TV - only available in selected countries
Measures reach & frequency metrics for video campaigns contained in Google Ads, layering in corresponding TV metrics from licensed, third-party data sources 

To use Cross-Media Reach in Google Ads, go to the Measurement menu (under Goals) and find Cross-Media Reach, then:

  1. Choose the country. Reach is reported as % of the census population of the country selected.
  2. Select video campaigns that are completed or currently running. Filter bid type to “Target CPM,” as they’re optimized for efficient reach.1
  3. Run the report and adjust to various age and gender groups for on-target reach on weekly, monthly, or any other basis up to 92 days.

Learn more about Cross-Media Reach measurement.

Posted by Stefan Schmager, Global Video Expert, Cross-Media Reach Measurement



1. Most suitable for Cross-Media Reach are Video reach campaigns (CPM) designed to maximize efficient reach through formats like bumpers, skippable or non-skippable (:15) in-stream ads (with or without short and in-feed placements).



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