About bidding for your new customer acquisition goal

The new customer acquisition goal uses Performance Max or Search campaigns to help you gain new customers. You can choose to optimize the campaign to bid higher for new customers or to bid for new customers exclusively.

Before you set up your new customer acquisition goal, it’s important to understand the modes Google uses to target new customers. This article explains how bid strategies work with the new customer acquisition goal. Learn more about How the new customer acquisition goal determines new and existing customers.

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Note: New customer value mode is not available for campaigns with only store goals. Learn more about Using the new customer acquisition goal with store goals.

When you bid for the new customer acquisition goal in Google Ads, you’re instructing Google Ads that you want to focus on gaining new customers. Google Ads will then use a variety of factors to determine how much to bid for each ad, including the following:

  • The cost of your product or service
  • The value of a new customer to your business
  • The competition for your keywords
  • The likelihood that a user will click on your ad

Google AI will optimize your bids over time, so you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your budget. Learn how to set up the new customer acquisition goal to maximize new customer acquisition in your Performance Max or Search campaign bidding.

New Customer Value mode (only available with purchase conversion goals)

Smart Bidding considers the value of new customers and bids accordingly. By predicting future conversions, Smart Bidding helps you maximize your total conversion value, including the additional value you specify for new customers. If you're unsure what your new customer value should be, you can use the recommended value that's set as default.

You can use the New Customer Value Mode to bid higher for new customers than existing customers. To support this goal, use value-based bidding like:

Acquiring new high value customers (beta)

If you already use New Customer Value mode to bid higher for new customers, you may determine that you’d like to optimize for a specific group of customers based on their habits. New Customer High Value Optimization (beta) allows you to optimize your campaigns by acquiring new customers with high predicted lifetime value for your business, while also optimizing for regular new customers.This will allow you to specify the audience segments that define high value customers and additional value that should be attributed to customers of this type.


New Customer High Value Optimization beta is available for advertisers with Online Sales objective and Google Merchant Center (GMC) feed and Customer Match lists of high value users.

New Customer Only mode

You can use the New Customer Only mode to bid only for new customers. To support this goal, use value-based bidding like:

Customer acquisition value

Customer acquisition value is the additional value adjustment to be added to a new customer’s first purchase conversion. Our recommendation is to set Customer acquisition value such that Customer acquisition value plus new customer's typical first purchase value represents the revenue that a typical new customer would bring during their lifetime. When you choose a value based bid strategy, you can use this total value as the basis to set your ROAS targets. Customer acquisition value is only used by campaigns that use Value based bidding strategies.

Note: This is different from customer acquisition cost which would be the amount spent on acquiring new customers and can be calculated using cost for the campaign divided by number of new customers.

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