Consolidate multiple upgraded campaigns into a single Performance Max campaign

When you upgrade eligible campaigns to Performance Max, each upgraded campaign becomes a separate Performance Max campaign. You can choose to keep these separate, in which case they will run alongside each other just like multiple Search or Display campaigns would.

However, if you’d like to consolidate multiple upgraded campaign budgets into an existing Performance Max campaign, keep the following in mind:

  1. Make sure the upgraded and original Performance Max campaigns have the same settings, including:
  2. If the 2 campaigns are identical, the performance should be the same when moving the budget from an upgraded Performance Max campaign over to another. If you plan to move the budget over yourself, it’s recommended to do so in 20% weekly increments for a smooth transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consolidate multiple Performance Max campaigns in my account?

While it’s better to have as few campaigns as possible in a single account, having multiple Performance Max campaigns is acceptable if this is in line with your goals (for example, separate settings, goals, or budgets). There might be some performance shifts between campaigns, but performance at the account level shouldn’t be negatively affected. Performance Max campaigns in the same account will not compete against each other, and the one with the highest ad rank will be entered into the auction.

Should I manually move over my DSA or GDA campaign budgets to an existing Performance Max campaign?

Even small differences between campaign settings can cause a large impact on performance and make it difficult to diagnose performance discrepancies. That’s why we strongly recommend waiting until you notice a Recommendation in your account that your campaign is eligible to upgrade to Performance Max. Using the upgrade tool makes it easy to upgrade campaigns without any possible errors in order to drive continuity in your results, and allows you to compare performance before and after upgrading. Once your campaigns have been upgraded, if you want to consolidate those Performance Max campaigns, we recommend moving a campaign’s budget over in 20% weekly increments to ensure a smooth transition.

How will an upgraded campaign interact with Performance Max campaigns currently running in my account?

Depending on the campaign settings of the upgraded campaign and the existing Performance Max campaign, these campaigns may or may not be eligible to serve ads to the same users. If the campaigns are eligible for the same traffic due to similar settings and targeting, just like all your other campaigns that may have some overlap, the ad with the highest ad rank will serve.

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