Google I/O: Making AI helpful for everyone

May 10, 2023

This year at Google I/O, we shared how our latest advancements in AI are helping improve knowledge and learning, boost creativity and productivity, and enable others to innovate, while remaining committed to building and deploying AI responsibly.

Introducing new ways to search with generative AI

By bringing together the unique capabilities of generative AI with Google’s deep understanding of information, we’ll unlock entirely new types of questions you never thought Search could answer. At I/O, we previewed the first steps on this journey with a new AI-powered snapshot and conversational mode. And we’re doing this while still connecting people to the best of the web — because people will always value the input of others, including businesses. Ads will continue to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page clearly labeled with our industry-leading ads labels. 

This new search generative experience, also known as SGE, will be available in Search Labs, a new way to access early experiments in Google Search. If you’re in the US, you can join the waitlist by tapping the Labs icon in the latest version of the Google app or Chrome desktop. 

Gif of a search for a bike in Generative AI

Other key announcements include:

Bard will roll out new extensions with Google apps like Workspace, Maps, Lens, and more, code generation across 20 programming languages, and visually rich responses with images from Google Search. We’re also making Bard available in 180 countries in English, removing the waitlist, and introducing Japanese and Korean language support with 40 more languages coming soon.

Introducing Google Workspace Duet AI to help boost productivity and collaboration. With AI as a collaborator, you can quickly draft documents and emails and generate templates and images from just a few word prompts. Sign up to express interest in joining Workspace Labs. 

Duet AI is also coming to Google Cloud. This AI expert pair programmer can provide contextual code completion, generate entire functions in real-time, assist you with code reviews and inspections, and more.

Vertex AI for Google Cloud will provide access to foundation models like PaLM for text and chat, Imagen for image generation, Codey for code completion and generation, and Chirp, a universal speech model, which brings speech-to-text accuracy for over 300 languages. 

Building and deploying AI responsibly

While it's important to celebrate AI’s immense potential, we also recognize it is still an emerging technology and are investing deeply in AI responsibility. Beyond being bold in our innovation, we’re committed to responsibly building AI and working with others — including industry experts, governments, and partners like you — to get it right. 

Read our blog post to learn more about Ads and SGE and tune in to Google Marketing Live (GML) on May 23, where we’ll share more on our investments in AI for advertisers.

Want to see more I/O announcements? Check out this recap or watch the keynote replay.

Posted by Omkar Muralidharan, Sr. Director, Product Management

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