Building your measurement foundation for better business results

Assign values based on your business KPIs

Don’t stop at capturing conversions—assign values that reflect the true value of each conversion to your business and build a more effective strategy around them. Rely on machine learning models that automatically make sense of your disparate datasets to get more of the conversions that mean the most for you.

  • Invest in value-centric measurement, which lets you share values for measured conversions based on your unique business KPIs, like lifetime value and profit.
    • Maximize your measurement by assigning conversion values in line with your business objectives and activate in bidding via value-based bidding.
    • Assign values based on your objective, including those for online sales, offline sales, and lead generation.
  • Benefit from machine learning to make the most out of available signals. 
    • As you invest in first-party data, you’ll need a solution that can automatically interpret available signals and give you the best reporting possible.
    • Conversion modeling and AI-powered solutions can help you market, measure, and optimize at the speed of consumers. Wherever possible, we directly integrate conversion modeling into Google’s ads products, so you’ll automatically find this modeled data in your conversions reporting column. 

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