On-target precision (OTP): Definition

When the demographic label assigned to a person who views your ad matches the demographic of a campaign’s targeted audience, it’s defined as On-target.

On-target precision (OTP) is the percentage of impressions in your campaign that were served to users who are On-target for your campaign. OTP is based on the age and gender of your target audience. It’s useful when evaluating the targeting performance and efficiency of your campaigns.

You can calculate the OTP by dividing the number of on-target impressions by the total number of impressions in your campaign.


Suppose you run a campaign targeting males 18-34. Your ad is shown 5 times on single-viewer devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The users include:

  • 1 Male 35-39
  • 2 Males 25-29
  • 2 Females 25-29

The total number of impressions is 5, which includes 2 impressions that are on-target.

The OTP is 2 / 5 = 40%.

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