Google Ads Search campaign not running: Low bid targets and optimization goals

While it may be possible to serve ads with a very low bid, your campaign isn’t likely to enter or win as many auctions and your ads may not have any impressions. If you’re using Smart Bidding and setting CPA or ROAS targets without considering historical performance, this may limit the strategy and your campaign may not serve at all.

What you can do

  • Confirm that your campaign’s optimization strategy is aligned to your business goals. For example, if your goal is to drive as many conversions as possible within a set budget, use the Maximize conversions strategy.
  • With your set optimization goal, consider whether your set manual bid or automated bidding target is achievable based on historical performance. If you’re using Smart bidding, you can incentivize the system to bid higher and potentially get more impressions by increasing CPA targets or lowering ROAS targets. For example, if you’re using target CPA bidding and your target CPA is significantly below your historical average CPA, your target CPA may not be attainable while maintaining reasonable levels of traffic, and you should consider raising your target.
  • If available, use the bid simulator Bid Simulator icon from the performance report in your ad groups page.


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