Forecast the performance of Video Action Campaigns in Reach Planner

November 10, 2022

Forecasting for Video Action Campaigns (VAC) is now available in Google Ads Reach Planner—making it easier for advertisers to plan for Conversions, Views, Reach, and Impressions based metrics. The tool provides a forecast for how your media plan might perform, based on your desired audience, budget, and other settings such as geographic location and ad formats. Forecasts are modeled on trends in the ad market and the historical performance of similar campaigns run in the past.

You’ll now have the option to select “Action - Online Conversions” as a goal when setting up your plans in Reach Planner and can add Video Action Campaigns to your existing plans. With this launch, you can now plan your campaigns across the funnel—from awareness to action and build plans for a full-funnel YouTube strategy to get the most out of your ads. Based on a custom Nielsen meta-analysis, clients using a full-funnel YouTube strategy drove 10% higher ROI compared to only Awareness advertising.1

To learn more about Reach Planner, visit the Help Center and reach out to your Google team if you need assistance with access. 

Selçuk Arkun, Reach Planner Global Product Lead



1. A Google commissioned Nielsen Meta-Analysis of yearly MMM results across 21 unique CPG brands in 2018-2020.

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