About bumper ads for App campaigns

A bumper ad is a short video ad that features a memorable message, which allows you to potentially reach more people in your App campaign. Because bumper ads are 6 seconds or less in length, there’s minimal disruption to your audience’s viewing experience.



  • Drive brand awareness by reinforcing key messaging, calls-to-action, or ideas.
  • Increase your App campaign’s reach to reach more unique users.
  • Maximize your budget with a less expensive video format.


How bumper ads work

Bumper ads are non-skippable in-stream ads that play before, during, or after another video and won't give viewers the option to skip. Bumper ads can serve on YouTube and Google AdMob inventory. Bumper ads served on YouTube, AdMob, and other inventory surfaces (as they become available) will be measured as EVCs (Engaged-view conversions). Using EVCs to measure bumper ads allows you to assess performance more accurately, gives you a greater indication of user engagement, and helps you better understand the value of your ads. You can manually opt-in to this inventory by checking the "Include non-skippable video ad formats" checkbox in your "Conversions" settings in Google Ads. Advertisers who’ve opted-in, can also choose to opt-out at any time.

Important: The "Include non-skippable video ad formats" checkbox only applies to bumper ads, which currently serve on in-stream YouTube and AdMob rewarded (earn in-app rewards) and interstitial inventory. Other shortform video ads can still serve on selected non-in-stream YouTube and AdMob inventory but aren’t considered bumper ads and aren’t controlled by this checkbox whether you opt-in or out.


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