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Your guide to responsive search ads

Responsive search ads let you create ads that adapt to show more relevant messages to your customers. Enter multiple headlines and descriptions when creating a responsive search ad, and over time, Google Ads tests different combinations and learns which combinations perform best. With the feedback provided from the Ad Strength feature, you can refine your headlines and descriptions so ads resonate even better with your customers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find resources that can help you set up, edit, and optimize your responsive search ads to ensure the best results for your campaign.

An animation describing how responsive search ads work.

Benefits | Why you should use responsive search ads

Responsive search ads help you:

  • Create flexible ads that adapt to device widths, giving you more room to share your message with potential customers.
  • Save time by providing multiple headline and description options, allowing Google Ads to show the most relevant combinations to your customers.
  • Tailor your headlines and descriptions to your customers' locations, regular locations, or locations of interest.
  • Reach more potential customers with multiple headline and description options that give your ads the chance to compete in more auctions and match more queries.
  • Increase ad group performance by attracting more clicks and conversions that your existing text ads aren't capturing.


Check out the AI-powered Search Ads technical guide to learn more about the signals Google uses, how queries match to keywords, how using Google AI makes keyword matching more effective, and what you can do to improve performance.

Basics | Get started with responsive search ads

Learn how to set up responsive search ads and view their performance.


Optimize | Create effective responsive search ads

Learn how to optimize your responsive search ads and messaging.


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