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Conversion Lift isn't available for all Google Ads accounts. To use Conversion Lift, contact your Google account representative.

Incrementality experiments are tools to understand how effective your ads are at driving the action that you care about at a certain point in time. It's the way to measure the causal impact of ads.

Conversion Lift is an incrementality tool that helps you measure the number of conversions, site visits, and any other action directly driven by your audience viewing your ad. Conversion Lift data can help you adjust and improve your ads to generate more sales, leads, and app installs. This article explains how Conversion Lift works.


How Conversion Lift works

Conversion Lift allows you to measure the incremental conversions driven by your Google Ads campaigns. With Conversion Lift, you can run a controlled experiment where you can separate your audience into 2 groups, and measure the lift in downstream conversions that are driven by each of these 2 groups:

  • People who receive your ads
  • People who are held back from receiving your ads

The difference in conversions between these 2 groups will tell you the “lift,” or the increase in conversions that are caused by the presence of the ad. Conversion Lift also allows you to split the exposed and control groups based on users or based on geography.


Conversion Lift metrics

Depending on the amount of conversion volume and how you decide to split test and control groups, you’ll be able to view the following aggregated Conversion Lift metrics in Google Ads:

  • For Conversion Lift based on users:
    • Incremental Conversions (Absolute Lift)
    • Relative Conversion Lift
    • Incremental Conversion Value
  • For Conversion Lift based on geography:
    • Incremental ROAS (return on ad spend)
    • Incremental Conversions (Absolute Lift)
    • Incremental Conversion Value
    • Incremental Cost


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