An easier way to import offline conversions

March 1, 2022

If you’re a lead generation marketer, understanding which leads convert to paying customers is critical. Importing your offline conversions can help: by measuring and reporting on your closed leads, you can understand how campaigns are driving impact and optimize for valuable customers. However, this process often requires time and developer resources in order to work. To make this easier for you, we’re launching enhanced conversions for leads–a way to measure your offline leads using technology similar to enhanced conversions for web

With enhanced conversions for leads, you can set up your offline lead measurement through the Google Ads or Google Tag Manager interface. This means that you no longer need to make changes to your customer relationship management (CRM) system or website. You can then measure and report on converted leads by using your first-party data already stored in your CRM. This data is hashed and secured before being sent to Google in order to protect user privacy.

Learn more about enhanced conversions for leads in the Google Ads Help center

Posted by Stephen Chang, Product Manager, Google Ads


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